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Sound works best when it is truly and deeply collaborative. It doesn't need to be noticed to be good. It doesn't need to be loud to be impressive. It must simply serve the project as best as possible. As a sound designer, I sincerely believe that any project can benefit from a high quality soundtrack. It can help an intangible part of a concept to become real. My mandate is to bring life to your project in the many ways only sound can achieve. Be it with sound design, foley, music or a great sound mix.

  • Original Sound Design, Editing, Consultation

  • Mixing

  • Foley

  • Field Recordings: Mono, Stereo and Multi-Tracks

  • ​Original Music Composition, Editing, Consultation​

  • VR Sound Design, Immersive Mix



    Sound Effects Libraries available at

  • Sonniss
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